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As we all know this generations is all based on Internet and Social Media. Social networking sites are helpful not only in staying connected with our peers but also in promoting the businesses and brands.  So here we are offering variety of services, you are not going to find on other platform. We are the only who provides these services to make you and your business popular.

SoundCloud, Pinterest, SnapChat, Vk.com, Quora, Craigslist Posting and many more you can't be imagine.

These are the services we can offer you and you can definitely have any of the services from us and we always take care of our clients expectations.

Why These services?


A very huge and popular platform around the world. This website help you to promote yourself through out the world. Quora is Question and Answer kind of platform and according to survey 100 million users worldwide and they are enough to popular your website so here at Like Diva we are likely to promte your website and services through real and genuine answers from real and active people. 


Pinterest is a huge social networking site that is best for the one who want to promote a certain product. When the users buy Pinterest followers, they get to promote their talents. This platform provides you amazing networking to spread your services. There are many users who look for good products on Pinterest and creating a shot to get them. Throughout this site, they get the understanding of the complete business they demand to know.


Snapchat today has more than 6.5 Billion video views per day. It is a very huge market to promote your business. If you are on Snapchat, you must be aware that you can't add followers by searching them so we are providing number of followers on your Snapchat profile directly speaks for your popularity. It’s a cost effective which enables to build a strong repo with the audience where can buy Snapchat Score & Followers easily from Like Diva  and save yourself from all the hassle.


Vk is a very popular Social Network platform that engage people all globally and helps them in comfort communication. This is the fastest and most attractive way of communication in the platform. Vk has 97M monthly active users and among them more than 77% likes hit on daily basis. Like Diva would help you to promote your services large audience on this network which helps you and your business and make it very popular.


SoundCloud is a very popular audio distribution platform that provides their users to upload, record, promote, and share their created sounds. In Soundcloud has amazing features like Playlists, Like, Repost and Share to Follow another user. Soundcloud platform helps the users to get maximum popularity when the users upload their originally created music. This gives the users the chance to become famous globally.

Craigslist Posting

Craigslist is a very popular advertisement website among other websites and there are many vendor or sellers use this as a Business purpose and they turned their earning in huge profit after getting popularity on Craigslist.Here Like Diva will assisting you to grow your Craigslist profile with huge popularity. We will grow you Fan base on your services and it will turned out well in Business manner. 


Johnson M.

Highly satisfied with the service Like Diva provided and would highly recommend. Always pleasure working with these guys 


Amazing effort and work by this team. Very fast and I got some get reviews about  this services at all. Definitely will use in future as well.

And Many More Happy Clients 


Like Diva really helps us to make our online presence. I have seen huge popularity on my website and the reason is only Like Diva.


  • SoundCloud Plays
  • SoundCloud Followers
  • SoundCloud Comments
  • SoundCloud Reposts
  • SoundCloud Likes


  • Pinterest Followers
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Pinterest Likes
  • Pinterest Repins
  • Pinterest Shares


  • Quora Marketing 
  • Promotion of your        website on Quora 
  • Direct Link
  • High Quality Answers


  • Get Followers 
  • Scores
  • Views
  • Friends


  • Likes
  • Posts
  • Group Member
  • Followers

Craigslist Posting

  • Get Reviews
  • Get Traffic

Custom Services

We are also dealing in above services. If you are looking for any of these or any other you can contact us. We will be definitely glad to offer you custom services.