Personalized social media consulting

LikeDiva now offers hourly based consulting.

We've increasingly noticed our customers showing the need for more custom tailored plans then we present on our menu. We're thrilled to offer you our help with your social media needs. One easy rate of just $35 per hour. 

Strategy & Advice

Our world class consultants will hold your hand through the complex process of setting up and aligning your social media strategy. Let us help you get on point.

Ad-hoc requirements delivered

Weather you need complex reviews created on your own schedule, according to your own personalized needs. If on our menu or not, we will deliver them.

Certified Experts

Get help from the best. Our accredited pros are standing by to serve you with all of their brilliance. Social media marketing and promotion is the heartbeat of our company.


How does it work?

We will have a initial conversation with our customer to get exactly what is in his mind then we send hourly invoice with task details that we have done to promote his project. 

What can I receive under your hourly consulting services?

Buy our service for free from . One of our marketing genius will call you to get detailed job description.  

How is time calculated and tracked

We send detailed text breakdown and description about what we have done for each moments of you time while you send you invoice, so it is postpaid system, not prepaid. 

What payment types do we accept

Currently we accept credit card and PayPal as our payment options, more options are waiting in queue to appear. 

What is if your not happy

We don't charge unhappy customers. As it is a postpaid payment system not prepaid, so you always have freedom to not pay us.